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Victory in Solleröloppet


This weekend was Midsummer in Sweden, we celebrate that and Friday is a holiday. There is a tradition in cycling in the province of Dalarna (where I live). On the Island of Sollerön there is a race and this year was the 75th edition. This year the race was held in 10 degrees and pouring rain!! As a cyclist you think it is sort of ok if it starts raining after a while but when you get soaking wet before start it is just not fun! We were a small bunch of girls that did the 125km including 4 big hills, I knew it would split on the second hill and that was correct, after that one we were 5 left and dropped another one on the 3rd. When we came down on the flat section after the 3rd hill we dropped two more and it was me together with Isabelle Söderberg (Team hitec products) left to work together for the second half of the race. The last hill came with 15 km to go, I had a plan to try and drop her on that hill, but I did not need to try, outer power also thought I would leave her there. At the bottom of the hill she changed down to the small chain ring and dropped the chain, it got stuck and she had to stop and fix it, so I set off to the top on my own. On the other side at the bottom I got to know that I had 45 seconds on her with 8 km to go and I felt the victory was in reach. At the finish I got just over 2 minutes and could celebrate my first victory in Solleröloppet!


The day after was a short criterium and Isabelle got her revensh when she won the sprint just ahead of me.


Now waits the Swedish time trail champs on Wednesday, I am really looking forward to that!


Solo victory in the rain!


Prize giving after Solleröloppet, Bella, me and Annika.


Me and Bella in a breakaway on Saturday. The weather was a bit better!


Prize giving after Soldvarvi, me, Bella and Emmy.


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