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Vasatrampet and a visit to the specialist


Last Saturday I tested my first fun ride since my accident, it was a race called Vasatrampet in Mora. I did the 90km non-timed-race. It went well and even though it was not a race I pushed a bit harder then on training and I was almost without pain during the race, and the most important: I was not in pain after. I could even do a 3 hour training ride the day after, the longest so far! 

On Wednesday they called from the hospital in Uppsala, they had a cancellation yesterday so I could come if I wanted, did not need to think twice about that! Unfortunately I had high expectations and got disappointed when he told me that there is nothing to do for my elbow. It is the joint capsule and cartilage that is so badly injured that there is nothing to do, at least not now, one could try something but it has to be at least one year after the accident before one could try that. After the news had settled I realised that it is good in one way, it means that I will not need an operation right now and since the arm is getting slightly better all the time I can just go ahead! So now it is full focus on the preparation for next year and make sure the arm gets as good as possible so that I can be fit for fight in the beginning of the season. 

Already on Sunday I will try my first race, it is a smaller race so it will just be a test to see how the arm works in that situation.


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