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Start of 2014


It was a long time since I updated this side. Happy new year to all who reads my site!


It was lots of training during the holidays in preparation for the Epic which is exactly 2 months away now. At the same time it is the silly season at work so it has been a hectic few weeks. More and more is falling in to place with the new Sasol team as well and I received my new KTM Myroon limited edition, what a beauty!!


The first race of the year was 2 weeks ago when I once again raced for Team Kelford in the Totalsports Challange in Gordons Bay. I did the road bike leg in the 7 person mixed team. We had a really strong team and I went out as number 2 out of all teams and for the first time (think I have done this race 5 times) I was on my own for the full distance of the time trail in to the head wind, it was a hard 45 kilometers! We won the mixed category and finished 2nd team overall.




The first MTB race of the year was Attakwas, said to be the toughest one day MTB marathon in South Africa, 121km and 3000 meters of climbing. It was the first race for the Sasol girls in our new kit as well and it was awesome to stand on the start line with team mates! I had just gotten my new bike and only done one ride on it with the new cranks, fork, stem and set up, might not have been the best to do since it all felt a bit different. I want to say a huge thank you to Cycle lab Pretoria, KTM, SA wheelworks in Paarl and Flandria who all were involved in fixing my bike to the best, I had 3 different cranks on the bike in 3 days before we were happy:-)

I felt good before the race and during the first 20km but then a voice in my head told me to pace myself since it is such a long race and I think I did that a bit too much since I was just too consevative and when I started to push it was a bit late. One learns from mistakes and since I have not done that race before it was difficult to know. I felt good through the whole race so at least I take that with me as a positive sign:-)


Thank you Sasol and KTM for the support!! 


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