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It's been six weeks since I broke my collarbone. It's been a bit up and down with the healing process during this time. The first week after the accident was excruciating, I have broken a few things in my life and this was probably the worst, the pain is hardly possible to describe because you always move your shoulder whatever you do, and you can not put that part in a cast, at the same time it is good for the healing that it moves a bit, it stimulates bone growth better. 

I went for an X- ray after a week and saw that the bones were separated with 13millimeters, imagine that they were overlapping each other or one above the other. The doctor said that it would heal. I thought the bones would find their way back together. 

Then it went pretty well for a while, I started to get very good movement and I challenged the shoulder all the time by doing more and more things and lift things. Good or bad – hard to say:-)  

I went to see my physio who sent me for an x-ray again to see how much it had healed, so we would know how much I would be able to do. The X-ray showed that it had hardly healed anything, it was still 13 millimetres apart. People around me started talking about surgery ... I bounced between hope and despair for a while, until I got to talk to really good doctors who said there was no point in doing a surgery now, bone will be formed between the bones, they will not find the way back to each other. I'm starting to learn a lot about collarbones and shoulders now:-) But they all agreed that it should have been operated on from  the beginning, that would have speeded the recovery up.

I have full mobility in my shoulder now and have hardly any trouble from it in my everyday life, I can not lift heavy things, but I can at least be out training and even do intervals. It is amazing how nice it can be to be out on the roads again after not being able to ride for such a long time!! I have done lots of intervals on the indoor trainer and I started training already 4 days after the accident, so the form should still be okJ. Unfortunately, there are no more races this season. Since I was not selected for the World champs I feel I'd rather let the collarbone heal properly, better safe than sorry. 

I will go back home on Tuesday, or how was it now ... where is home?  I am going back to South Africa for the 9th winter in a row, to my apartment, boyfriend and job. It will be incredibly nice to go there again even if I'm not looking forward to the cold weather that you can still get there in September.


At our cottage 

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