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Christmas, new year and an accident


Well, a lot has happened since I last wrote here. I have had my hand in a cast so it has been hard to write.  

Just before Christmas when I felt that training was going very well and I also felt that I was completely back from my elbow injury I had another accident. I went to the track, I did train some on the track 3 years ago and I wanted to try it again. I did very well and I was riding comfortably high up on the wall and I was just going to do a sprint before I finished. I did a good sprint and I think that when I crossed the finish line I just for a split second forgot how the track bike works. I think that I stopped pedalling for that split second, because the bike started to swing and I could not get it straight again and finally I fell. I hit my head so hard in the concrete that the helmet cracked and I lost my memory completely. I could not remember my friends name or how I got there in the morning or anything else. After 1 hour my memory was back and I was fine. 

In the afternoon I went for a cycle to check my body, the only thing that was a bit sore was my thumb, but probably nothing seriously. The next day I had an appointment with my physio, I asked him to check my thumb and he sent me for an x-ray, just to be sure. Well, you did not need to be a doctor to see that it was off, it was a clear fracture and I needed an operation done to put 2 pins in to stabilize it. 

Since then I have had a cast on for 3 weeks, it was taken off last week Friday, now I have a splint instead. That one will be on for another 3 weeks and 6 weeks after the operation the pins are coming out. So it has only been indoor cycling for me but I have not lost any training, I am doing exactly what I was supposed to do outside, just that I am doing it inside instead. Not that I like it as much, I did not come to South Africa to cycle indoor, that I could have done at home in Sweden. 

I got a good indication that my training is going really well on Monday, I did a 30 km time trail test in the lab here in Stellenbosch and all my results were better then expected, it was very motivated to see that. Afterwards I sat in the new ice bath that they have got there, it was so cold it hurt my legs, but it felt really good after. 

And it has been Christmas also! Christmas eve is when we celebrate Christmas in Sweden, that day I was in Fish hoek with a whole bunch of other Swedes and had a completely Swedish Christmas, it was really good, it helps not to become home sick. I could also talk with and see my whole family on Skype that day, first time I saw my brother’s new baby. Christmas day when they celebrate Christmas in South Africa, I spent with my South African friends; it was Ian and his family and Cheryl that was home from Doha. We went to a restaurant in Franshoek and had Christmas lunch, it was very nice. 

New years eve I celebrated at Susie and Doug’s in Hout Bay, it was a whole bunch of friends that I have known as long as I have been in South Africa, I got to know this group in 2004 when I was here the first time. I had a really good time. 

So to all my readers I want to wish a very happy new year! I hope that all your wishes comes true! …and I certainly hope that I have a better 2008 then my 2007!


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