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3rd in my first MTB Marathon


To get some variation in my racing and a new Challange I decided to do some MTB Marathons while I am here in Sweden. Right now I have a training period to prepare for the World cup in Vårgårda in the end of July and I saw my chance to do a Marathon close to where I live. I have always wanted to do this race but never had the chance.


A big thank you to Merida Sweden who quickly helped me with a new bike to make this race possible for me!! After 4 rides on the o.nine Champion it was time to do the race-debut:-)


I was very nervous at the start, everything felt so new and different compared to the road racing. Everyone started together and It was a neutral start until we hit a long steep climb, it was important to be at the front there. A girl almost crashed in front of me and I had to stop not to fall, so lost lots of places there. I was 4th girl at the top and passed one along the way but I never saw the other two. I got times along the way and for a while it sounded possible to catch up. I am loosing too much on the technical sections even tho I did not think it went too bad yesterday. So with a bit of practice I think I can do this:-) I finished 3rd in my first Marathon in 7 years and am very happy with that!


It was a great and well organised race and the route is so beautiful! I had lots of fun in the forest and am sure I will do a few more MTB races this season!


Trying my new Merida


My brand new Merida o.nine Champion


Before the start - nervous


ok - off we go!!


The podium, Angelica, Emmy (Swedish Marathon champ) and me

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