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Thüringen Rundfahrt


I had a hard time in Germany. The conclusion is that it went very bad and my form is far gone... My shoulder was hurting a bit in the beginning of the 6 days and it was hard to stand up on the bike, since it was a very hilly course it felt like it held me back a bit. Not that I blame the shoulder, my legs and body just did not respond. The last day felt a bit better though so I am a bit hopefull for the world cup in Sweden on Wednesday, I hope it can go a bit better. 


But still, it was a nice trip and an experience, I have never done a six day stage race in Europe before and only that was worth the trip. Someone said to me before that Thüringen is such a hard race that only finishing is good, so that was what I did, I fought for it and it was a nice feeling to finish the last day even though I had no result to show.


It was also nice to see my team mates do really good, Emma finished 6 and Karin 16, Emma looks really strong for the Olympics!

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