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Lida Loop 2016


We went on a camping weekend in Stockholm this weekend. We decided late on Friday to drive the camper to the location of the Lida Loop race and stay over instead of driving early on Sunday morning as we normally do. We were not the only ones, there were lots of campers there! Craig and I could ride part of the course on Saturday afternoon which always help on race day, it was a dry, nice and fast track with some really tricky parts.

This race has started to have a separate ladies start which is great, it is just a better race for us without the men around. We started at 10.40 and the men at 11.00. I had a bad start up the skislope but shortly after I found myself pulling the bunch, I did not mind and when I looked back after a while it was only Åsa and Angelica with me. I did most of the pulling on loop 1 but when we got close to the venue and the first intermediate prize Angelica showed that she wanted to race for it so we had a close fight on the tricky single track. I managed to get out first and could take the prize. We also lost Åsa there and it was only Angelica and I going out on loop 2 together. When we entered a long bumpy single track I could hear that Angelica was getting tired so I picked up the speed as much as I could and eventually she had to let go and I was on my own. I took the second intermediate prize and was informed that my lead was 2,5 minutes. I had good legs and just kept pushing on loop 3 and could win solo 4 min 50 sec ahead of Åsa who had passed Angelica.

It was a fun weekend with a nice, dry and entertaining course, I had my own fan club since my friend Ingrid and her kids came to cheer me on!! It is also always fun to be at a race and chat to all the happy cyclists when the sun is shining! Craig also did the race and enjoyed it! Thank you mom and dad for helping us out with everything around the race!!

Getting ready:-)

Craig at the start

After loop 2

After loop 3, just before the finish

Interview with Oscar

Telling war-stories ;)

The podium with Åsa and Angelica


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