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MTB race in Paarl


I have always done a league race in Paarl during my years inSouth Africaand there has always been a MTB race with the same start and finish, I have always heard that this race is really hard, so when Craig was going to do the road race again I took the opportunity to try the MTB race. And yes, it was tough! :-)  When I did not think it was possible for us to climb anymore we just turned around a corner to go up another hill! This race was not at all technical, the steep hills was what made it tough! I was happy that I changed to easier chain rings a week ago!


I took the lead among the ladies from the start and managed to keep it until the finish! It felt good to get a race without bad luck under the belt again, it was good for the confidence for next weekends race inPort Elizabeth.


Unfortunately there was no prize giving for the MTB race, after we had waited for a while they told us that it was only a fun ride! This is very discouraging for people wanting to race and the exposure for our sponsors, I am not after a big prize but at least recognition for what we do, and I also spoke to a lady that thought she had won one of the shorter routes, it would have been very inspiring for her to be called up for a prize! A picture from a prize giving is what can help in this tough world of finding sponsors, so in my opinion they could at least call us up, they don’t even need to give us anything.

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