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Weekend with bad luck... And an overall win in the league


This weekend we had 2 league races, the last 2 of the summer season. We raced inWellingtonon Saturday morning, same race as I broke my elbow last year, they then had a MTB race there at the same time, this year it all went better! Everything felt fine during the race, we had one long climb half way and I stayed with the front longer then usual and soon after the top we could catch the first on the downhill. It was only me and Sharon of the girls in the 28 man big bunch that came to the finish. This finish has a bit of a climb and at the top you turn left and then300 metersto the line. I knew that I have to be first or close to her through that corner, and I was, but a guy punctured and stopped in the corner, right in front of me, I came to a stand still and she was gone. So got second and kept the lead in the league.


When the alarm went off at 03.20 for the second morning in a row it was very difficult to get up to go to another race… I had a strange feeling that something was going to happen today, don’t know why… Just after the start I got a confirmation to that feeling when I punctured after only 3km!!! We are not allowed back up in those races and it took too long to fix and I never saw the bunch again. It turned out to be a hard day at work when I had to time trail the whole race. I passed people now and then and managed to pass a lot of the girls and finished 4th after all.


I was very disappointed afterwards, especially since I might have lost the lead in the league because of this.


Late on Sunday evening the total points came out and I just managed to win the league by 5 points, if I had been 5th in the race I would have lost it... So it was just:-)


Podium in Wellington on Saturday, me, Sharon and Nicola


Fighting on my own after the puncture...

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2012-02-28 20:57:22 - Derek,

Well done Jennie. Thanks for all your blogs from sunny SA during the cold northern winter months.:)
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