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At home in a snowy Falun


Mid day on Friday I arrived at home in Falun, a town covered in snow! It feels good to be home again but I had not expected so much snow and such cold weather. This morning we have minus 10 degrees and on Tuesday afternoon when I trained we had plus 38 in Stellenbosch, it is a slight difference! 

I got a bit delayed on my trip home, the flight from Cape Town left about 2 hours too late and I only had 2 hours transit in London. I had a day flight, usually I fly over night, so I would have to stay the night in London. The plan was that I would arrive in Stockholm at 23.40 and we would drive home during the night, arriving at about 3am. Already when I was in Cape Town they change and put me on a morning flight out of London but in the air we caught up so much time so we only landed 45 minutes late, that meant that I would have made it! But I am not complaining, because after some hassle I got a very nice hotel, the girl behind the counter was nice to me, she gave me a bed at Hilton hotel at the airport! The other passengers had to take the train to a smaller hotel, but since my flight was so early in the morning she put me there! So I only had to walk 500meters and I was at Hilton. So everything turned out for the best, now I got a proper night sleep and my parents did not have to drive in the middle of the night. And on top of all, I got a nice big dinner buffet at Hilton!;-) 

When I came home I had two new nice Merida bikes waiting for me, thanks Martin and Grahns for them! I am looking forward to trying them, even though it will only be on my indoor trainer in the beginning, it is way too much snow in Falun for me to go out and cycle. Yesterday I did some cross country skiing, it was fun, I have not done that for 5 years since I did Vasaloppet in 2003, I am expecting to get some aching muscles. 

I am leaving for the mountains today with my brother and his kids, we are going for a week to our mountain cottage for a week of skiing. Apparently it is more snow then it has been for 30 years up there, so maybe I will have to leave the bike at homeJ

Below is a picture from yesterday!

cross country skiing 22 march 2008


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